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What are the properties of a plane coil spring?

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There are many characteristics of plane coil spring, mainly including storage, shock absorption, testing and so on. What are some of the properties of a plane coil spring? Plane coil spring is a kind of spring made of flat wire raw material, which can be used in the system software of buffer damping and the parts with low load.


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        Where a torsion spring is used to create a reasonable and limited interior space axially, the use of a flat coil spring is considered efficient. The radial interior space of the coil spring in the deformation orientation of the lever arm is larger than that of the torsion bar or the spiral twist. Like some other spring machines, this spring has no resistance.

        The tensile properties of a steel strip applied to a flat coil spring are proposed to increase the service life of the spring when it is subjected to a constant load. A relatively small operating stress is proposed.

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