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9/5000 Load characteristics of mechanical springs

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When mechanical spring is deformed, the relationship between load and deformation is called load characteristic. Whether the load characteristic conforms to the stipulation is the key index to evaluate the mechanical spring production quality. The load characteristics of a mechanical spring are usually expressed by a graph of the relationship between load and deformation called the characteristic line of the spring.


The more common equivalent pitch cylindrical helical stretch may be the compression spring, whose load characteristics are attributed to the linear shape, or it may be that the change in the Angle of the spring during the entire stretch or compression deformation is neglected.

The mechanical spring during the whole process of stretching or compression deformation, the helical Angle will change, therefore, strictly speaking, the characteristic line is nonlinear, the compression spring pressure P effect. Subsequently, the spiral Angle a of the lifting spring of the shape variable decreases, and the medium diameter D2 also increases slightly. The characteristic line is gradually increasing, while the characteristic line is gradually decreasing for the stretching spring.

The nonlinear deviation of the load characteristic of the helical spring is based on the geometric specification of the spring, the shape of the cross section of the raw material, the displacement of the mechanical spring and the fixed mode of the end. Generally speaking, if the spiral Angle of the spring is not large (less than 12 degrees) and the deformation is not large, this kind of deviation is not large. Similar to the tension (or compression) of a helical spring, the load characteristics of a torsional helical spring are nonlinear.

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