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The manufacturer simply talks about the difference between compression spring and stretch spring

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Spring in our life, work can be seen everywhere, they are widely used in various fields, play an indispensable role. There are three common types of springs: torsion springs, compression springs, and stretch springs. Their shape and function are somewhat different, the following car xiaobian take you to have a look.

Stretch spring manufacturer

1. Torsion spring USES the lever principle to twist or rotate the elastic material which is soft and tough, so that it has a great physical and mechanical energy, mainly elastic potential energy. The torsion spring has a reset function. The spring is deformed under the action of external force, after the removal of the external force, the spring can be restored to its state. A lot of tools and devices use the property of springs for complex functions. For example, in many buildings, the door hinges are fitted with a return spring that automatically resets when people come in and out. People also make use of this function into automatic umbrella, automatic pencil and other supplies, very convenient. In addition, a variety of buttons and keys are also necessary to reset the torsion spring.

2. The compression spring (compression spring) is under axial pressure of the spiral spring, spring generally divided into the pitch, such as spring and defection from the spring, compression spring are: the shape of cylindrical, conical, convex and concave and a small amount of noncircular, compression spring there is a certain gap between circle and circle, when under external load spring contraction deformation, deformation energy storage. Now the variable pitch spring is more and more common, no longer just the same pitch spring, variable pitch spring can play a different role in different environments.

3. The tension spring (tension spring) is a spiral spring that bears axial tension. The tension spring is generally made of circular section material. When not under load, the tension spring between the ring and the ring is generally tight without clearance. It can be used to control the movement of parts, store energy and measure the force, etc. It is widely used in machines and instruments. The hook forms have side hook tension spring, long hook tension spring, English hook tension spring, German hook tension spring, half circle hook tension spring, duck mouth hook tension spring and so on, its materials have stainless steel, qin steel, high carbon steel, phosphor copper, oil tempering alloy spring steel.

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