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Look at the compact function of hardware springs

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Metal springs are also known as metal springs. It is a mechanical part that USES elasticity to work. Of hardware spring press function, basically have compression spring, stretch spring, twist spring.


Observation of various electrical switches will find that the switch's two contacts, there must be a head spring, in order to ensure that the two head close contact, is good conduction.

If the contact is bad, the resistance at the contact increases, the heat generated when the current passes through increases, and in severe cases, the metal at the contact melts. The two metal posts of the bayonet lamp holder are spring-loaded also for good contact; As for the central metal sheet of the screw cap and the socket of all sockets, the metal sheet is reeds, and its function is to make both sides in close contact to maintain the same good.

In the magnetic tape, there is a reed of phosphor bronze, which USES the elastic force of its bending deformation to make the magnetic head in close contact with the tape. In the stapler there is a long spiral spring it is on the one hand the role of the nail, on the other hand the front of the nail is pushed out, you can put the back of the nail to the front in case the nail is comfortable to push out, in this way, can automatically push a nail to the front, until the nail is all pushed out. Many machines supply materials automatically. In addition, clips such as those for holding clothes, ballpoint pens and pen covers are clamped onto the clothes by means of springs.

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