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What are the types of springs?

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What are the types of springs? There are mainly spiral spring, coil spring, plate spring, shaped spring. Spring is a kind of machine part that USES flexibility to work, the part that makes with elastic material produces deformation below external force action, remove external force hind restore original state again, also make "spring" make with spring steel commonly, spring besides use spring steel to still can use what material to pledge spring? I believe you are not very clear about it, in fact, the type of spring is complex and diverse, according to the shape of the points.


According to the nature of force, spring can be divided into stretch spring, compression spring, torsion spring and bending spring, according to the shape can be divided into disc spring, ring spring, plate spring, coil spring, truncated cone coil spring and torsion spring, according to the production process can be divided into cold coil spring and hot coil spring. Because of the simple manufacture of ordinary cylindrical spring, and can be made according to the loading situation of various types, simple structure, so it is widely used. Generally speaking, spring manufacturing materials should have high elastic limit, fatigue limit, impact toughness and good heat treatment performance, etc., commonly used carbon spring steel, alloy spring steel, stainless spring steel and copper alloy, nickel alloy and rubber, etc. The manufacturing methods of spring are cold coiling and hot coiling. Spring wire diameter is less than 8 mm of the general use of cold coil method, more than 8 mm of the use of hot coil method. Some of the spring in the production of strong pressure or shot peening treatment, can improve the bearing capacity of the spring.

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