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The role of hot coil spring is not to be underestimated

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Big spring is also known as hot coil spring, the production process adopts hot coil technology. The parts made of elastic materials are deformed under the action of external forces, and then recover to their original state after removing the external forces. Usually made of spring steel. Big spring general wire diameter is very big, easy to twist the shape after heating, small elasticity, need quenching after tempering treatment after molding. Large springs can produce large elastic deformation under the action of load and are widely used in all kinds of machinery.


Spring is a kind of elastic element widely used in the mechanical and electronic industry. When the spring is under load, it can produce great elastic deformation and convert mechanical work or kinetic energy into deformation energy. After unloading, the deformation of the spring disappears and returns to its original state, converting the deformation energy into mechanical work or kinetic energy.

The important role of the spring is to master the static mechanism, vibration relaxation, storage and input energy, the size of the measurement force. Large spring is widely used, according to the load can be divided into spiral compression spring, spiral extension spring, spiral torsion spring. Large spring closure processing, compression, grinding two stages of grinding flat spring, use process, spring force uniformity, can greatly extend the service life of the spring.

Although the spring industry is a small industry in the whole manufacturing industry, its role is not underestimated. Spring as an important component in the industrial system, there is a big amount, but with the expansion of the spring scale of product variety, quality level unceasing enhancement, also means that the needs of the mechanical equipment upgrading and supporting the need to improve the performance of the host, therefore, in the development of industry, spring products are play an important role.

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