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Frequently asked questions about stretch springs

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One, make stretch spring closure type?


Thread embedded nettley, cross center TAB, retractor, more holes, shrink pores, rectangular convergent and teardrop-shaped convergent, nettley, is apart from the length of the spring can be based on specific circumstances, when designing custom extension spring, can adjust the length of the spring hook on both sides in order to fully satisfy any stretch position load regulation.

What are the different tension springs?

Another this common tensile spring is linked to spring, spring for hook, in ChangGang ring, through the spring center, and at the other end are hung in the end of loading, hook spring is very suitable for potential overworked, and the spring has inherent braking functions, this can ensure that spring up to larger tensile length can also continue to bearing static load, hook spring is often used to support the porch swing.

What parameters must be used in the design of the tensile spring?

1. Dimensions: outer diameter, inner diameter, spring wire diameter, stretch length and free length.

2. Stretching length refers to the length of the spring in a relatively large stretching state.

3. Free length refers to the total length of the spring under the condition of no load.

4. Spring stiffness and heavy load.

5. Spring stiffness refers to the change of load per unit deformation.

6. Heavy load refers to the load carried by the spring in a state of great tension.

Four, the difference between the tension spring and other springs?

Tensile spring and other spring with is not his ends is made of the hook, extension spring hook is used to ensure the tension of the spring source, stretching the spring very different from the working principle of compression spring, compression spring pressure and counterproductive, and the extension spring is pulled or stretching of the reverse effect, when tensile spring open on both ends, spring will be trying to pull them back together.

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