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How to pressure test precision spring?

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For the precision spring we must all know in a lot of machinery will be involved, the use of the precision spring is more to consider the pressure of the spring, so a certain degree of pressure testing is very necessary. Through the spring pressure test to judge the precision spring stretching and compression effect, to understand the strength of its load. Let's take a brief look at the steps of the precision spring pressure test.


Precision spring pressure test steps:

1, before the formal test of the precision spring, the precision spring is compressed once to the experimental load, when the test load ratio of pressure and load is heavy, the pressure and load can be used as the test load, but the pressure and load combined force is quite large and cannot exceed the fixed pressure and load 1.5 times.

2. Preparation before load detection: calibrate the load testing machine with the third-class standard dynamometer of the corresponding range or with a weight of uniform accuracy, so as to ensure that the precision of the testing machine is not less than 1%; At the same time, the length reading error of the load testing machine can be corrected by using block.

3, precision spring pressure to a specified height of load test: will be the same as the specified height gauge block placed at the center of the pressure plate load testing machine, the load on the block gauge and pattern close to the nominal value of load, and the orientation of locking screws or slightly, will be put under test for gauge block measurement precision springs, mediation of zero, remove the weight of precision springs, precision spring pressure to specify the height, and read the corresponding load, according to the calibration error of load testing machine, to make corresponding changes to your degree.

4. Press the precision spring of the upper pressure plate just to the position where it is lifted, and the predicted value of the load testing machine is F0≈ 0.05f; Record the initial reading F0 and the length number of the load test, and then continue loading to make the reading change value indicated by the length reach the defined deformation.

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