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Applications of tension springs

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I believe that we all know that the daily life is inseparable from the spring, you introduce the stretching spring, the stretching spring belongs to the spiral spring of this kind, can also be called tension spring, tension spring, spiral stretching spring and so on. Each person's name is different, is less than in people daily life of this spring, this is the spiral spring under axial tension, with different compression spring is compressed spring is that under axial pressure of the spiral spring, then the tensile spring material usually all is to choose material is made and be become with circular cross section, and the compression spring design is much more on both sides of the difference between the two "hook" when not under axial tension between circle and circle are all in the closed state, solve what is tensile spring and its application field.


Stretching the spring occupies a key position in the global marketplace, from small medical equipment to the field of mechanical brake springs, tension springs application rules you can specify various TAB and retractor, adjacent closely contact at the beginning of the tension spring coil, which helps to control load and stiffness, widely used in national defense, Marine, computer, electronic, automotive, mold, medical, biological, chemical, aerospace, railway, nuclear power, wind power, thermal power, engineering machinery, mining machinery, construction machinery, elevator, etc.

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