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What are the advantages of a stretch spring?

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What are the advantages of a stretch spring? The principle of operation is exactly the opposite of that of a compression spring. The compression spring ACTS in reverse when it is under pressure, and the stretch spring ACTS in reverse when it is being stretched. When you pull the spring apart, the spring wants to pull back, and that creates a force.


A tensile spring absorbs and stores energy, and the difference between a tensile spring and a compression spring is that the tensile spring is at a certain tension or at no tension, and that initial state determines the tightness of the tensile spring. In this way, the initial force can be controlled to meet the requirements of incompatibility.

The tension spring is attached to the other components at the time, and then when the components are separated, the tension spring comes into play, and the loops close together and create a very strong tension resistance, which binds the components together. The spring coil in the absence of tension closely together well, spring or including the retractor hung on other components, and the geometry of the pores and interface, with the fixed on the need to connect components, it is not problem, so that when there are tension for these components provide a certain amount of bounce back.

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