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The action of spring basically has what

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Spring is a kind of elastic element which works by its own large elastic deformation. It is widely used in all kinds of machines. Its main functions are:

1, control the movement of machinery, such as the internal combustion engine control cylinder valve opening and closing of the spring, clutch control spring.

2. Absorb vibration and impact energy, such as vibration damping springs in various vehicles and springs of various buffers, etc.

3. Store and release energy, such as clock spring, bolt spring, etc.

4, measure the size of the force, such as spring in spring balance and force meter, etc.

A spring is a mechanical part that USES elasticity to work. The parts made of elastic materials are deformed under the action of external forces, and then recover to their original state after removing the external forces. Also known as "spring". Usually made of spring steel. The kind of spring is complex and diverse, according to the shape, mainly has the spiral spring, the coil spring, the plate spring, the shaped spring and so on.

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