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What is a torsion spring?

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Torsional springs are helical springs that can store and release angular energy or hold a device in place by rotating the moment arm around the central axis of the spring body. The ends of the torsional spring are fixed to other components, and as the other components rotate around the center of the spring, the spring pulls them back to their original position, producing a torque or rotational force. A torsional spring can store and release angular energy or hold a device in place by rotating the moment arm around the axis of the spring body. These springs are usually compact, but have a pitch between the rings to reduce friction. According to the application requirements, design the rotation direction of the torsion spring (clockwise or counterclockwise), so as to determine the rotation direction of the spring.


Torsion spring is a kind of mechanical parts that use elasticity to work, generally made of spring steel, in order to control the movement of the parts, ease the impact or vibration, energy storage, measuring the size of the force. Widely used in computer, electronics, home appliances, cameras, instruments, doors, motorcycles, harvesters, automobiles, and other industries. The main equipment includes: digital control multi-function computer spring coiling machine, mechanical automatic spring coiling machine, spring grinding machine, heat treatment equipment, large hot-coiling spring production line and quality testing instrument.

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