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What are some common tensile spring materials?

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The materials often used in stretch springs are mainly carbon spring steel, which is relatively cheap, but the elastic limit is low; Low manganese spring steel has good strength and hardenability, but it is easy to crack after quenching. The elastic limit of guimeng spring steel is improved, and it also has good mechanical properties. Chromium vanadium steel, toughness and strength are relatively good, the price is slightly expensive.

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Stretch springs are generally of equal pitch, and the cross-section is mostly circular. When the spring is not under pressure, there is no gap between each turn and each turn, and the connection is very compact. Stretch springs are used in a wide range of medical applications, not only respiratory devices, mobile devices, motion control, but also some home care devices, mechanical and electronic protective hardware, actuators and hand tools and some mechanical devices, switching devices are used to stretch springs.

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