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How to let stretch spring manufacturers get rid of cracks

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As the saying goes, "devil, details," strong fortress often from internal breach, this feature is also evident in the clockwork spring, it's enough raw materials to make it to high temperature resistant, resistant to crush, but overwhelmed about its own condition, a casual small cracks may lead to spring performance, even can't use, is really a pity. Want to solve this problem, however, is not there, dongguan city, yong sheng metal products co., LTD. Is engaged in the r&d and production of all kinds of precision spring more than 20 years, immersed for a lot of valuable experience for many years, we take a look at yong sheng is how to make it out of cracks, which makes it as "inside and outside and repair".

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First of all, the need to strengthen the spring spring raw material inspection, as far as possible to adopt advanced flaw detection means. Secondly, heat the spring blank according to the temperature stipulated in the process. Then pay attention to the spring machine feeding roller smoothness, if the tool is too rough will also cause abrasions, so if there is a need to be timely grinding, try to use high hardness, good wear resistance material manufacturing, in order to prevent abrasions. Finally, the need to pay attention to is the hammer strike to correct the shape of the spring end, if not properly operated, the spring material will appear serious hammer mark, these damages often produce stress concentration, serious when it will also lead to early spring fracture.

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