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The safety of torsional spring manufacturers is the most important

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Torsional spring small make up for today's occurrence of a safety accident;

The torsion spring manufacturer's iron residue area is on fire. The smoking area is next to the iron residue area. The air compressor is next to the iron residue.

torsion spring manufacturer

Some colleagues did not pinch out the fire during smoking at work, resulting in an open fire. Fortunately, other colleagues found it timely when they washed their hands.

In the torsion spring factory business Mr. Hu a call, turn off the main power supply, several torsion spring colleagues quickly picked up the fire extinguisher, we look for water pipes, buckets, soon within 5 minutes to determine the fire, the key time torsion spring factory colleagues solidarity;In the later stage, some colleagues spontaneously handled the cleaning work and soon turned on the power supply to work normally. Then, the logistics staff of the torsion spring manufacturer conducted safety education for all the smokers

And adjust the area in time. Prevent the occurrence of similar safety accidents in the future.

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