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Heterosexual spring manufacturer: What are the functions of springs?

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One, the opposite spring manufacturer: spring function

1. Measuring function

We know that the extension (or contraction) of a spring is proportional to the external force within an elastic limit. The spring balance is made of the property of spring.

2. Reset function

The spring is deformed under the action of external force, after the removal of the external force, the spring can be restored to its state. A lot of tools and devices use the property of springs for complex functions. For example, in many buildings, the door hinges are fitted with a return spring that automatically resets when people come in and out. People also make use of this function into automatic umbrella, automatic pencil and other supplies, very convenient. In addition, a variety of buttons and keys are also necessary to reset the spring.

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3. Drive the function

Mechanical clocks and clockwork toys are driven by winding. When a spring is wound up, it bends, storing some elastic potential energy. After release, the elastic potential energy is converted into kinetic energy, which is driven to rotate by the transmission device. In toy guns and starter guns and military. The gun is also one of the properties of the spring to work.

4. Buffer function

A spring is placed between the frame and the wheels of the locomotive and automobile. The spring's elasticity is used to slow the rolling of the vehicle. Vibrate the spring when air flows through the spring hole in the harmonica or piped piano. The blade vibrates to make a sound

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