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How does the stretch spring manufacturer prevent corrosion

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Spring manufacturers of a variety of spring, according to the nature of its accepted load, tensile spring manufacturers belong to the use of principle of tension manufacturing. Coil springs accept axial tension. Tensile spring manufacturers are generally made of circular section materials. When not accepting load, stretch spring manufacturers and between the rings are generally tight and there is no gap.

Spring is made by winding spring silk, because of its simple manufacture, low price, easy to detect and install, it is widely used. Generally is equal pitch, the section is more circular, they can be used for many occasions, such as production installation, experiment, repair and so on. Is a medical respiratory equipment, motion control, medical mobile equipment, crafts, home care equipment, shock absorption, pump springs, mechanical and electronic protective hardware, fluid control valves, actuators, switching equipment and other commonly used components.

Stretch spring manufacturers because it is metal manufacturing, therefore, in the use of the need to pay attention to damage and avoid tired work. For example, automobile stretch spring manufacturers in the use of the process, to taste the corrosion of harmful gases and work in corrosion fatigue conditions, the surface of steel wire constitute local corrosion damage constitute stress concentration, gradually make corrosion fatigue crack expansion. Oxidation treatment can make the pull shell hook spring have anti-corrosion properties.

tensile spring manufacturer

After oxidation treatment, the hook spring can form a compact oxide film on the surface of the wire, which can avoid the corrosive effect of gunpowder gas. Oxidation treatment can reduce the friction effect of the hook spring. In the process of shooting, the hook spring repeatedly spread and compressed in the spring room, and formed friction with the spring room and generated friction heat, which was also one of the reasons for the early failure of the hook spring.

After the hook spring through the oxidation treatment, the oxidation film of the fine pine hole can store oil, can play a lubricating effect on the spring manufacturers; The thermal conductivity of the oxide film is much lower than that of the hook spring wire, which has a better thermal protection effect and also helps to avoid the early failure of the pull shell hook spring. Our manufacturers are generally in the stretch spring manufacturers after oxidation treatment, after 40 times of life experiments, the hook spring did not crack the situation, practice has proved that the shell hook spring to take oxidation treatment can improve its use life.

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