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How to better choose the cleaning agent for precision hardware

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Fine   precision hardware will generally have varying degrees of oil pollution, wax pollution, oxidation darkening, yellowing and other phenomena.



At present, the cleaning agents on the market mainly include degreasing powder, degreasing agent, dewaxing water, as well as cleaning agents for different metals, such as stainless steel cleaning agent, copper cleaning agent, and cleaning agents with different effects, such as copper bright cleaning agent. Under different cleaning conditions, choose the corresponding cleaning products.

Generally speaking, as long as the use of degreaser, you can use degreaser. It only needs to adjust the concentration according to the serious oil pollution.

If the   precision hardware brightness of the metal surface has certain requirements, polishing brightener can be selected for polishing.

This is very common.

There are also some problems, such as blackening of metal, or discoloration of workpiece surface after cleaning agent treatment.

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