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Manufacture of shaped spring manufacturers characteristics of the resulting defects

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Because now in the rapid development of domestic manufacturing, using special-shaped spring field more and more, mainly because of the characteristic of the special-shaped spring has prominent, so can be widely used in various industries, but special-shaped spring actually also has disadvantages: mainly performance in the processing of two kinds of noise and vibration, the problem is not completely is brought by the stamping process and die itself, mainly caused by the traditional stamping poor equipment, the following special-shaped spring manufacturer will take everyone to know about the characteristics and special-shaped spring material selection should be how to choose!

shaped spring manufacturer

One, the characteristics of the production of special-shaped spring

(1) Special-shaped spring processing generally does not need to heat the blank, nor is it like cutting, a large number of cutting metal, so it is not only energy saving, but also save metal;

(2) The dimension accuracy of stamping parts is guaranteed by the mold, which has the same characteristics, so the quality is stable and the interchangeability is good;

(3) Ordinary press can produce dozens of pieces per minute, while high-speed press can produce hundreds of thousands of pieces per minute, so it is an efficient processing method;

(4) As a result of special-shaped spring processing, so can obtain other processing methods can not or difficult to manufacture, thin wall, light weight, good rigidity, surface quality, complex shape parts, with the progress of science and technology, special-shaped spring two shortcomings will be solved;

Second, the best material for making shaped springs

(1) the main material of actually making special-shaped springs are generally so several such as: high quality carbon steel, alloy steel, non-ferrous metal alloys such as stainless steel containing manganese steel, generally USES the spring steel, winding circle with torsion spring machine, and then to heat treatment, quenching, tempering process, such as plate spring is cutting after forming, and then heat treatment.

Three, the production of shaped spring will appear what defects?

(1) Since the core is complex surface, the guide surface is machined after casting forming, resulting in gap error between the machining surface and the guide surface of the die after sliding and causing left/right swing of the core during the normal operation of the die.

(2) The guide length of the pressure core is designed to be 125 mm, and the actual guide length is 100 mm. Although it is within the design range, there are defects such as the lifting part of 110 mm, the movement exceeding the effective guide length of 9 mm, the unstable lifting of the pressure core, and inaccurate positioning of the parts.

(3) the special-shaped spring 100 mm height of forming, need to design special guide board, not by the processing surface and die wall slip distribution gap direction, side friction increases, self lubricating effect is very poor, side force of the strong can not be eliminated, can cause caused by long-term wear after batch production guide clearance increases, loss of the mold in advance normal guide effect, which will produce a vicious quality accident.

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