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The structure and application of torsional spring manufacturer

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The torsional spring is a mechanical force storage structure primarily used in ancient crossbows and other crossbows.

When in use, the bottom part of the torsional spring is usually fixed to other places, which forms the phenomenon that other components rotate around the center of the torsional spring. Once the other components start rotating around the center of the spring, the spring is agile to pull the other components back to the original orientation, this will create a rotation force, the rotation force will be changed to the required resistance. In this way, the torsional spring can be statically positioned to achieve desired results by means of storage and perhaps release of this energy.

Of course, we can also find that the use of different, during the number of torsional springs are also different, so here side touched a lot of physical, mathematical knowledge. The number of turns required by the torsional spring is calculated by the size of the resistance required by the fixed equipment. Moreover, in the process of accounting, according to the actual requirements of use to plan the rotation direction of the torsional spring.

torsion spring manufacturer

The structural principle of the torsion spring

The purpose of planning torsional spring is to make the spring coil tightly touch, so as to promote rotation and make it produce angular elastic force. There are several options for the arm configuration so that the spring can be fixed in different ways. For torsion springs, arm criteria to be considered include arm Angle, equal arm length, and arm closure type. When the spring is straight or parallel on the same side, the moment arm Angle is treated as 0°, and the Angle increases along the non-rotation direction. Torque arm closure types include straight twist, straight offset, hinged, short pull and pull. To satisfy your requirements, you can twist and twist the closure of the torsion spring, perhaps making the closure into a pull hook or a pull ring.

The torsional spring's free arm orientation includes: 90°, 180°, 270°, and 360°. The double torsional spring consists of a set of right-handed and a set of left-handed torsional springs. These coils are usually connected by undense body parts between the wound threads and these coils rotate in parallel. It is necessary to plan the part separately, and the total torque is the sum of the spring rings on both ends.

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