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You probably dont know how to clean precision hardware

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Precision metalGenerally speaking, precision hardware refers to those hardware workpieces with high precision requirements. The general precision requirement is within 0.05mm. Precision hardware has been widely used, from daily necessities to electronic products to large-scale mechanical equipment.



Due to the wide application of precision hardware, there are many different problems in the cleaning process after industrial production and processing.

Including different degrees of oil, wax, copper, aluminum and other metal surface oxidation dark, yellow

These problems are constantly testing the quality of cleaning agent products on the market. Today, let's talk about how to clean precision hardware parts and how to distinguish and select the appropriate cleaning agent.

At present, the cleaning agent products are mainly divided into degreasing powder, degreasing agent and dewaxing water. Under the subdivision, there are cleaning agents for different metals, such as stainless steel cleaning agent, copper cleaning agent, and copper polishing agent with different effects. Therefore, according to different cleaning conditions, we need to choose the corresponding cleaning products correctly.

For example, to clean the oil on the surface of rusted steel, degreasing powder and degreasing agent can be selected generally, but different proportions of oil pollution are needed.

Another example is the use of degreasing agent to clean the oil on the surface of copper products. However, if the surface brightness of copper is required to be higher, copper polishing agent can be used for further treatment.

Of course, these are common problems, and some friends will encounter more difficult problems, such as the metal blackened, how to wash out, or the surface discoloration or rust of the workpiece after cleaning, etc.

Precision metalIn these cases, it is often necessary to communicate with professional technical personnel to get the best solution. They have rich industry experience and can provide more reasonable cleaning solutions.

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