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What should I pay attention to when choosing a torsion spring?

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Torsional springs are indispensable in mechanical and electronic industries. Torsional springs can store and release angular energy or statically fix a device by rotating the arm of force on an axis around the spring body. The end of the torsional spring is fixed to another component, and as the other components rotate around the spring's center, the spring pulls them back to their original position, generating torque or rotational force.



What must be paid attention to in torsional spring configuration? Torsional springs are designed so that the spring coil is in close contact with each other. The purpose is to promote rotation and generate angular springback. There are several options for the arm configuration so that the spring can be fixed in different ways. For torsion springs, arm specifications must be considered including arm Angle, equal arm length, and arm closure type. When the spring is straight or parallel on the same side, the moment arm Angle is treated as 0°, and the Angle increases along the non-rotation direction. Torque arm closure types include straight twist, straight offset, hinged, short pull and pull. To meet the requirements of the application, you can bend, twist the snap of the torsion spring, or make the snap into a pull hook or a pull ring.

What parameters must be paid attention to when selecting the torsional spring?

1, according to its necessary size of the spring force to choose the thickness of the spring line. It's usually denoted by the letter D.

2, also know the diameter of the torsion spring section.

3, the natural length of the torsion spring, and its maximum torsion Angle is what, to calculate the maximum force that the torsion spring can support to extend the service life of the spring.

4, but also to understand the maximum load of different torsional springs, then can be based on their own must choose the spring.

5. Pay special attention to the direction of the spring helix, which is the most common mistake in our daily life, people tend to remember the direction of rotation wrong. So that's something to keep in mind.

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