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What is a stretch spring?

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This time, what is the tension spring? The tension spring (tension spring) is the spiral spring that bears the axial tension. The tension spring is usually made of circular cross-section material. In the case of no load, the tension spring between the coils is usually tight and there is no gap. It is widely used in equipment and instruments to control the movement of machine parts, store energy and measure the force. The hooks are in the form of side hook tension spring, long hook tension spring, British hook tension spring, German hook tension spring, semicircular hook tension spring, duck beak hook tension spring, etc., and its materials are stainless steel, piano steel, high carbon steel, phosphor copper, oil tempered alloy spring steel, etc.



The "hook" is used to ensure the tension source of the tension spring. Most tension springs are under the necessary degree of tension, even under the condition of no load. This initial tension determines the tightness of the tension spring coil without any load.

Tension spring, also known as spiral spring, is usually of equal pitch, with circular cross section. It can be used in many occasions, such as production assembly, experiment, research and development, maintenance, etc. Spring has a key influence in the global market, and is widely used in computer, electronics, automobile, mold, medicine, biochemistry, engineering machinery, mining equipment, construction machinery and other fields.

Medical respiratory equipment, motion control, medical mobile equipment, hand tools, home care facilities, shock absorbers, pump springs, mechanical and electronic protection hardware, fluid control valves, mechanical aerospace components, actuators, switchgear.

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