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Special-shaped spring manufacturing process, who invented the machine, video with hypnotic function

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Spring is a very common part of life, small to water pen, watch in the small spring, large to all kinds of equipment in the giant spring, some of the same shape, some are very strange shape. Look at the manufacturing process of special-shaped spring manufacturers, I really want to know who invented the machine, even the video with the hypnotic function!

If it's just an ordinary spring, you can also make it by hand by wrapping wire around a wooden pen holder a few more times. However, many of the special-shaped spring manufacturers are very thick iron bars, and do not seem to be wrapped with abrasive. In fact, these shaped spring manufacturers, according to the different procedures rolled out.

shaped spring manufacturer

The mechanical side of the spring will constantly squeeze the iron bar inward, and the other end will have an Angle adjusting device. According to the program setting, adjust the Angle of the twist iron bar, and the two sides with the spring to form. It looks really stress-relieving, more hypnotic than a math class.

I really admire the people who come up with this kind of machine, if so many springs are manually operated, not to mention how much time will be wasted, simply said that the quality will not necessarily have mechanical operation so high, after all, there will always be some human error, and set up the machine is very stable. How do you feel after watching it?

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