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Do you know how torsion springs work?

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The torsional spring is a mechanical force storage structure primarily used in ancient crossbows and other crossbows. Torsional spring accumulates force through distortion or rotation of elastic data of material softness and toughness, so that the projectile has certain mechanical energy.

Modern torsional spring torsional lever is made of more and more elastic steel, there are also great changes, there are mechanical watches inside the spring, there are toy gyrogun in the power spring, there are also tanks, cars in the torsional lever.

The torque rod is small in size and large in torque, which makes it an excellent shock absorber for transportation.

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We now know that torsional springs are used extensively, so here's the problem! Why on earth should torsional springs be used for extensive planning? Here xingzhu small make up to introduce the operation principle of torsion spring.

In use, the bottom part of the torsional spring is often fixed to the other local, which constitutes the other components around the center of the torsional spring rotation phenomenon. Once the other components begin to rotate around the center of the spring, the spring is rapidly pulling the other components back to their original orientation. This will constitute a rotation force, which will change the rotation force into the required resistance. In this way, the torsional spring can statically hold a device to the desired effect by storing or releasing the energy.

Of course, we can also find that the use of different local, during the torsional spring is also different number of turns, so there is a lot of physical, mathematical knowledge. The number of turns required by the torsional spring is calculated by the size of the resistance required by the device. And, in the process of calculation, the torsion spring manufacturers according to the use of the practice requirements to design the direction of rotation.

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